About the Manual

The Nerd Manual is meant to be both a useful resource for nerds and a guide for the people involved with nerds. If you're a nerd you can find information here that will help you improve your life and perhaps better understand yourself. If you're close friends with, dating, or married to a nerd, I want to give you insight into things nerds do that a lot of people have difficulty understanding.

I hope to avoid offending anyone--either nerd or non-nerd--but please understand that the manual will get into some sensitive topics, stray into contentious territories, and even use stereotypes to illustrate points. It's OK to disagree with something, but keep your comments civil.


Nerd Q&A: Am I Smart Enough to Date a Nerd?

mliu92 - Not in Oz
I'm not sure how many people have this question and are afraid to ask, but I've heard variations on it over the years:

I really like her, but I'm worried that she's more intelligent than I am and we'll be incompatible.

He's always talking about things that go way over my head.

Sometimes she's telling me about concepts and I literally have no idea what she is talking about.

I'm worried that he's only with me for my looks.

I wonder if a more intelligent person might be better for her.


Behaviors Nerds (and Everyone Else) Should Avoid

J.D. Hancock - Rebels Suck
While you should never be ashamed of your nerdiness, there are a few behaviors that have unfortunately become nerd stereotypes that nobody (nerd or non-nerd) should engage in. Here are a few tips on being a better nerd, a better human, and helping the rest of the world view nerds in a positive light.