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The Nerd Manual is meant to be both a useful resource for nerds and a guide for the people involved with nerds. If you're a nerd you can find information here that will help you improve your life and perhaps better understand yourself. If you're close friends with, dating, or married to a nerd, I want to give you insight into things nerds do that a lot of people have difficulty understanding.

I hope to avoid offending anyone--either nerd or non-nerd--but please understand that the manual will get into some sensitive topics, stray into contentious territories, and even use stereotypes to illustrate points. It's OK to disagree with something, but keep your comments civil.


Nerdy Hip Hop Assessment of 2020

 Hip hop artist Ekoh just dropped his new track "Real Bad" and it sums up 2020 from a nerdy perspective that name-checks Tony Stark, DOOM, Gwen Stacy, Wonder Woman, the Joker, time/multiverse travel, Silver Surfer, Michael Myers, Miles Morales, Sam Raimi, Zach Snyder, Black Adam, and a lot more.

So, put a finger up if you're picking up what Ekoh's putting down.